We wanted our debut album to be honest, simple and say who we are. Each of Haydn’s Op. 71 quartets is paired with a tune, or set of traditional tunes, from our homeland of Scotland. 

We believe classical music has a strong connection to its folk music heritage and so we decided to marry the two together, forming relationships between haydn quartets that we love and Scottish folk music that we have played for years. Interspersing each of the three Op. 71 quartets, are our own arrangements of traditional Scottish music designed to both celebrate and acknowledge the folk music heritage which influenced Haydn in 1793, and us in 2019.

Surprisingly there are relatively few recent recordings of the Op. 71 quartets, yet they contain some of Haydn’s most virtuosic writing for string quartet. Each quartet has its own unique quality: No. 1 is overwhelmingly joyful, No. 2 is lyrical and romantic and No. 3 is perhaps the most compositionally innovative of the set.

International Praise for Haydn: Op. 71

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