Violins - Courtesy of the Harrison Frank Foundation

A huge thank you to the Harrison Frank Foundation for their ongoing support of the quartet. The foundation was set up in 2014 as a charity which owns and lends a collection of fine old Italian, French, Dutch and English violins to young professional musicians. Colin and George have been the recipients of two beautiful violins since 2016; a Paolo Castello, Genoa c.1770 and Bernardus Calcanius, Genoa, c.1740. Without the generosity of the Harrison Frank family, the Maxwell Quartet and many other musicians would not be able to play on instruments of such quality. Due to the size of the collection, we had the privilege of choosing two violins at the same time that we felt complemented each other. We settled on this particular combination as the Castello has fascinating depth of colour, perfect for the sweet lyricism so often needed for a first violin while the Calcanius has a strong punchy quality, ideal for adding the richness needed for inner parts. 

Viola and Cello

Both Elliott and Duncan are kindly loaned fine instruments from private benefactors: Elliott plays a J.B Vuillaume viola from 1852, and Duncan plays a Francesco Ruggieri cello from c.1660.